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06-06-2007 2:34 PM

when i go to hit the wake i never get that much air. im not sure what is going on. plz if you can help could you tell me how i can get myself big air! thank you <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0>

ronnyboy27 06-06-2007 4:04 PM

1st ask the person who's email address you are using. 2nd buy the book dvd instructional series. 3rd ride towards that wake as fast as possible and stand tall at the top of the wake. Make sure that someone is video taping and then post the video.

06-06-2007 5:29 PM

ok thanks

wakedirtsnow 06-06-2007 7:17 PM

cut hard into the wake keep the handle close to your waist/hips bend your knees a little, and stand tall at the lip of the wake. do what ron said(videotape it) and then you can see what youre ding wrong or post it up so we can gve u advice. buy higher education or any other wakeboard instructional vid

shazalusose 06-07-2007 1:18 PM

I agree with Ron and Tal. Use progressive edge and stand tall when you hit the wake.

ronnyboy27 06-07-2007 1:32 PM

I was actually messing around just step on the gas see what happens. LOL. <BR> <BR>Definitely use a progressive edge. There are several threads on this issue so read through them.

sacmule 06-13-2007 9:05 AM

Here is a post I wrote yesterday for another rider, adapted to your question. I am of the opinion that body position and rope tension are the most important components to generating height (pop) off the wake. <BR>Work on good body position into the wake. Be sure to take a gradual cut toward the wake, if you cut too quickly you will be pulled off your edge at the wake and without even realizing it. Try slowing your initial cut to the wake, keep the rope low (belly button or so), maintain a gradual edge to and through the wake. DO NOT JUMP for the board, simply keep you legs rigid or think of standing of the wake, but DO NOT JUMP. The rope tension you build and the wake (no matter the size) will do the rest. Also keep both hands on the handle. The gradual edge to the wake will help you maintain good body position and keep you from being pulled off edge. Increase the strength of your edge as you become more comfortable. As everyone else says PROGRESSIVE edge is the key, keep the initial turn gradual, the edge strength will increase as you approach the wake, hence progressive. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress. The Book (DVDs series or Media) and Higher Education are both great resources. The Book Media is probably the best value.

krkx93 06-14-2007 4:51 PM

make a proggressive edge towards the wake flatten out about 5 feet before the wake but keep your knees bent slightly stand tall at the top of the wake. and if thats still not enough go for a double up

pottsy 06-14-2007 7:58 PM

No, you don't want to flatten off 5 feet before the wake. If you flatten off it totally defeats the purpose of a progressive edge. Keep your edge all the way through so you get more pop. A double up is not needed. <BR> <BR>Sorry Kaleb

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