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lyle 06-05-2007 6:27 AM

I am looking for some other exercises to help me get my whirly down. I just cant make myself do one on a tramp. When I try, I end up just going to blind. I tried every which way to make myself do the full rotation, but just cant. I was wondering if anyone had any helpful advice..

steve_jones 06-05-2007 6:25 PM

I wanted this trick SO BAD. (Still don't have it dialed but I landed my first one on the water today.) I have seriously paid my dues on this one. <BR> <BR>I started doing them on the tramp bouncing from my bootie. I was just terrified (after some narly fly off's) so that's the only way I could convince myself to try it again. <BR> <BR>When you get the rotation from your bootie, you'll probably land on your knees. The next step is to do them from your knees, and then work back up to your feet. <BR> <BR>I'm just sorting this one out myself so I would take advice from someone who has done it awhile. <BR> <BR>Good luck.

wakedude83 06-06-2007 8:58 AM

Hmmm... On a trampoline, I usually tell people to try the whirly part without a tantrum just so it's in their head. Then I have them do the tantrum. I remind them then to do the overhead pass as late as they want if they are having trouble committing like it sounds like you are. Don't focus on spinning if it freaks you out - instead just focus on getting the handle over your head. Once you get one you'll never lose it. On the water it is a little more difficult but the trampoline most definitely helped me take it to the water. Good luck - mental blocks are the hardest thing to overcome in wakeboarding!

bbr 06-06-2007 11:43 AM

Here you go man, this might help a bit! <BR><a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3184/390322.html?1172165999" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3184/390322.html?1172165999</a>

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