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cake 06-04-2007 9:57 PM

Considering this or an 04 Mobius. X2 for about $35,000 or Mobius for about $30,000. Pros/ Cons? Thanks.

chqwakeboarder 06-04-2007 10:25 PM

Do would spend the extra 5k and get the MC, but Im partial (look at profile). What options does each boat have, and how many hours?

taylormade 06-05-2007 8:28 AM

Love my 04X2. What year's the Mob and is it the V drive?

ronnyboy27 06-05-2007 9:10 AM

I have an 04 X2. I think that this hull has the best shape of any wake ever. I've ridden behind only a half a dozen other boats. But I think a lot of people really agree. The only down side is you can get it brand new for 40k. The current x-1. I don't know what the options cost but I would check this out first.

cake 06-05-2007 11:42 AM

The Mobius is a mint 04 with 65 hrs. How about the wake of the X2 if we wanted to slalom also?

trace 06-05-2007 12:28 PM

That is one of the best crossover hulls ever made. The only drawback is they are a little small inside and don't handle as well as some others.

psudy 06-05-2007 12:42 PM

IJ don't know where you are getting the poor handling from. I thought mine handled like a sports car. The slalom wake is good. I use to run the course with it all the time. 35K seems like a good deal as well. I sold my 01 for 30K.

lionel 06-05-2007 2:32 PM

$40k for a X-1 was so 2006 <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0> 8% price increase for 2007. Chad we slalom behind our 05 X2, nice wake at 22' off, 32-36 MPH. With that said, which Mobius are you looking at? Is it a DD or Vdrive, the Outback V and LSV are supposed to have good slalom wakes, Outback V being better than the LSV.

trace 06-05-2007 9:13 PM

I didn't say poor handling. For whatever reason, IMO X2's and SAN's just don't turn as well as some of their competition. Handling is kind of a side issue with WB boats, anyway. ;)

ronskal 06-17-2007 8:08 AM

I got my loaded 04 X2 used in 05 for 42K. The 04 X2 sounds under market value unless it's stripped, worn out, been in salt water or you live in SD (I looked at your profile). I live in Texas and went to Kansas to buy my boat to save 3 grand. <BR> <BR>Pricing is regional and you have a great price on the X2 for most areas of the country. <BR> <BR>The Moomba is a well built entry level boat, same builder as Supra. The X2 will hold it's value very well, I am unsure about the Moomba. <BR> <BR>The X2 ski's well, it's a slalom hull that was converted to a v-drive. The wake is bigger than the original direct drive PS205 I have skied and WB behind with the same shape.

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