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iwannawkbrd247 06-04-2007 7:09 PM

i posted this in the general wakeboarding discussion, but i guess it would be good to post it here too. <BR> <BR>soo... <BR>would a 131 be ok for me? i'm 5'7" and 130 lbs. i'm looking at the cwb lotus 131, which says it's good for up to 140 lbs. i've been riding the lf angel 134. i know one's a 3-stage and the other's a continuous...but beyond these obvious differences, how much of a difference would i actually notice? <BR> <BR>also, would i notice much of a weight difference in these boards? the angel seems really light to me, but i've heard others say their lotus seems especially heavy? any truth in this? <BR> <BR>thanks for your help! <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0>

drumnwake420 06-05-2007 1:24 AM

Hello, <BR> <BR>I'm sorry to hijack this thread but I kind of have a question along the same lines... <BR> <BR>It was my girlfriends birthday this weekend and it "almost" slipped my mind... anyways at the last minute I decided to get her her own wakeboard because she is always using my little brothers and I know that she has always wanted her own. SO to make a long story short, I got online and bought her a Liquid Force Maven Cadence. The problem is I thought i ordered the smaller board but the board that came is a 134. She's 5'6" 115 pounds... not a very big girl. Is this board a good quality board and the other question is, will it be too big for her? <BR> <BR>I have never seen her so happy as when we got home and she found her surprise lying on the bed! She really loves the board and that makes me happy... but is it going to work ok for her? <BR> <BR>She has been riding for about 2 years and can ride switch and jump wake to wake easily.. My brother's board is a 134 LF Substance... with that board she tends to really charge the wake at supersonice speeds and she clears the wake landing out in the flats with about medium pop skywards... I guess Im just worried about dissapointing her when we go out on the lake this weekend <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/sad.gif" ALT=":-(" BORDER=0> <BR> <BR>Thanks for your replies!

criswb 06-05-2007 8:13 AM

Heather, I actually think the 134 would be better for you. You could still ride the 131 but you are going to feel it slower, you're probably going to have less pop and harder landings. I've never tried that board, but all I'm saying is due to riding a smaller board. The angel is really really light, so I'd say that lotus may be heavier than it... I had a State 125 that was way heavier than an angel! <BR> <BR>drumnwake, that board is going to be ok for her. i weigh 95 lbs and was riding that same board for a few months. If she has already ridden your brother's substance 134, its going to be the same because it is the same shape. She'll love it, its an awesome board and so cute!

iwannawkbrd247 06-05-2007 7:48 PM

thanks cris! your response was very helpful! <BR> <BR>drumnwake, i second cris' answer to your question...i definitely think the 134 will be fine for her, especially since she's already used to your bro's board.

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