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04-27-2001 2:27 AM

ok so what are they! <BR>i seem to cut out as hard as others but yet they get 50 feet in the air. <BR>need advice on the final edging. <BR>what do u do?

04-30-2001 2:52 PM

when you hit the wake keep your legs firm. don't look your knees but don't give in to the wake. thats how you get pop. once you get that you'll get more air

04-30-2001 2:53 PM

I meant don't lock your knees

05-01-2001 11:54 PM

ok thanks but im talkin about without the wake <BR>is the advice still the same

05-02-2001 6:10 AM

Its all about line load. It doesnt matter how hard or far you cut out. It doesnt matter how fast you cut in. You need to build line tension to generate some energy. Think about trying to pull the tower off the boat when you cut. Dont worry about speed. Speed will come as you improve. As you release from the wake the energy in the rope will be translated to the vertical height of your jump. Time it so your maximum load it right when you leave the wake. Then HOLD ON!

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