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dtb 06-01-2007 11:07 AM

I have been riding the 04 Zeus for a few years now and love them, but they are starting to get pretty worn. I was looking at replacing them and have an opportunity to pick up a pair of 06 Deuce's for a great price, but I tried them on yesterday and noticed the Deuce does not have any kind of strap across the top of the foot/base of the ankle to hold your heel down. No matter how tightly I pulled the laces I felt like I would be getting heel lift while riding, although I have not ridden them yet. <BR> <BR>Any comments from those who have ridden the Deuce? Do they hold your heel down? <BR> <BR>Thanks.

goatroper222000 06-01-2007 11:21 AM

Get a newer zeus model. they have great heel hold

innov8 06-01-2007 11:31 AM

The 06/07 Zeus or Faction will have great heel hold. <BR>06 Deuce should be pretty good, but 07's are much better.

dtb 06-01-2007 4:55 PM

yeah, i figured the new zeus would be the ideal choice, too bad i don't have a hook up for them. i guess you get what you pay for. <BR> <BR>thanks for the advice

stephan 06-01-2007 5:32 PM

The 2007 is almost identical to the '04 Zeus. It has the ankle strap and the cut/flex is very similar. I noticed when I first got mine they had a little heel lift but once they got broken in they held my foot down solid. That &amp; I stuff a wide size 8 into Smalls. Check the new Deuce they are incredible, inexpensive &amp; simple.

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