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eubanks01 06-01-2007 9:37 AM

Any general tips on trying these for the first time? <BR> <BR>I have watched The Book's instruction and feel I have a pretty good idea. Any things to really think about to initiate the rotation and to do in the air would be great. <BR> <BR>My understanding so far: <BR>Take a decently agressive progressive edge...less than a raley but more than my w2w roll-to-reverts. Come in a little rear foot heavy and pull your front knee up off the top of the wake. Keep the handle at your hips and throw your head (and lead shoulder) down to initiate the flip. <BR> <BR>This is where The Book confused me. They say to flip "towards the boat" but what does that really mean? Should I be putting my ear to my lead shoulder to start or more throwing my head down and towards the direction I am traveling? This question may be confusing but this is the part of the trick that I know is most important and that I'm not completely clear about. <BR> <BR>So you start flipping and then you need to keep your rear shoulder closed to not do a frantrum. <BR> <BR>Any ideas on typical crashes and how bad they are?! :-) <BR> <BR>Thanks for the tips. I've always been more comfortable with load and release tricks than trip flip ones so I'm hoping the front is a great next step for me.

kottonm0uthking4 06-01-2007 3:05 PM

K i just started trying this flip. <BR> <BR>When I do this i do not think about doing a cartwheel. I think more about going tip over tail. So when im initiating the trick I try to flip directly over the front of my board and let my tail follow. <BR> <BR>Keep both hands on the rope! I have a thread on here with my youtube video of my first attempt. I let off my edge and moved the handle up to my head during the rotation, you can see the crash for yourself. <BR> <BR>As for the crashes. They hurt. Bad. If you look at the video I posted, when I hit the water my ear drum cracked. It felt like i had an ear ache when I came back up. <BR> <BR>I stress this: <BR> <BR>Edge hard into the wake, make sure you dont let off, keep the handle at your waist. <BR> <BR>Im sure if you do as i suggested, you will complete the rotation, and the crashes will be not as bad! <BR> <BR>good luck

alanp 06-01-2007 3:40 PM

there are recent threads with some decent tips.

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