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malibu73 05-28-2007 7:16 PM

Right now I have the Jetpilot Cellblock and don't like it. I bought it over winter and have used it this summer. It feels to bulky to me, it rides up in the water on me, and I just don't like how it feels. <BR> <BR>I have been looking around and really like the O'neill Outlaw. I have no place around here to try stuff on so my question is, how does the two vests compare? The outlaw is a Non CGA vest so I imagine it will be thiner and more comfortable. I have also read that it floats pretty good? Does any one have any comments? <BR> <BR> <BR>Also anyone want to buy a Slightly used Navy Jetpilot Cellblock Vest size Medium? <BR> <BR>(Message edited by malibu73 on May 28, 2007)

rson 05-28-2007 7:26 PM

If you have to ask this question get a CGA vest and not a NON-CGA. <BR> <BR>I really didn't like the cellblock cause it felt like a tire around my waist. Look into the Nevin CGA line or the new Oneill vests. Both have very good range of motion for your arms and they will float you.

malibu73 05-29-2007 10:29 AM

How does the law compare to the outlaw? Is it just the same thing only its CGA?

alanp 05-29-2007 11:11 AM

chad i havent ridden the law but the outlaw is a great vest. there are thinner comp vests but i dont feel like they float me well enough. i was/am pretty concerned about the floatation of the outlaw and its fine. im 5'8" 145 and bought a medium

denverd1 05-29-2007 12:11 PM

i really like my gooru. some say it doesn't float them well enough. i love the vest. floats as well as JP Baller and thinner. no help on the outlaw

guido 05-29-2007 12:13 PM

Chad... The outlaw is a great vest. I rode it for three years and was totally comfortable. Floating in it was never really a problem. Keep in mind that you may risk a ticket riding in a non-CGA vest depending on what your local laws are. <BR> <BR>Now I'm splitting time between the CWB Faction jacket and the O'neil Vapor. I like them both also, though the Faction runs about a size larger than all the others. The Vapor is super comfy and really simple, having only 1 zipper and no buckles.

gene3x 05-29-2007 5:23 PM

The Law is the best CGA vest I have ever ridden. I have tried on a few Helium and Nevein vest that were just as comfortable but have not ridden them. I never ride non CGA. I just don't like swallowing water when I am winded.

1boarder_kevin 05-29-2007 5:59 PM

I own both the law and outlaw. I bought the law for more protection coming from very thin non CGA vests. The falls seem to hurt more as you age. Unfortunatly, I couldn't get over how bulky the law was. Mainly because it was the first CGA vest I put on in 10 years so I bought the outlaw. For me, it was the perfect fit and protection without being bulky. In my opinion, it is as close to a CGA vest in floatation and padding as you can get.

malibu73 05-30-2007 4:59 PM

I think I'm going to go with the Outlaw right now. I'm working on trying both on and seeing how I like them. If the outlaw doesn't float me enough, i guess i can always sell it.

jovedawake 05-30-2007 10:03 PM

chad, <BR> <BR>the outlaw should float you just fine <BR> <BR>my bro and i have one each. awesome vest. <BR> <BR>any questions? i will gladly answer...good luck.

malibu73 05-31-2007 5:03 PM

So I tried out both vest today and i have to say I didn't really like either one. The law sucked completely especially after having the Outlaw on. It would ride up to my neck and almost choke me when in the water. <BR> <BR>I really liked the Outlaw, it was a little tight though, but it didn't float me like I would have liked it to. When I would breath i would go up and down in the water. It felt like i was almost floating but almost sinking. I can't help but think what would happen if I was knocked out. <BR> <BR>I'm going to give the outlaw another try this weekend and see how it goes from there, but for right now im still looking for a vest.

auto 05-31-2007 5:41 PM

^^^^^ <BR> <BR>duhhhh, CGA. Competed in 3 event with tons NCGA, would never dream of being w/o.

kirk 05-31-2007 5:56 PM

Just a note... <BR>The law around here can tell if you are riding with a Non CGA. The ticket was $80.00.

malibu73 06-01-2007 4:07 PM

Does the outlaw seem like it doesn't go down far enough? It felt like I was wearing a little kids shirt. It felt fine across my chest but just didn't meet with my shirts..... Anyone else have this problem?

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