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guido 05-25-2007 8:36 AM

Hey guys.... one of my homies just lifted his 2500 Chevy 8" with 37" tires. He's looking for a drop hitch today. Any ideas on what size drop he'll need. I was guessing at 10", but I'm not sure. For what it's worth.... The boat is an older X-star (X1/X2). <BR> <BR>Thanks in advance

tyler97217 05-25-2007 8:41 AM

my gues would even be a 12". totally a guess though. I run an 8" or 10" and I have 35"'s with a leveling kit on a Dodge. you will have to play around and see which one. good luck

socalwakepunk 05-25-2007 9:01 AM

Measure from ground to top of receiver and subtract 17".

guido 05-25-2007 9:10 AM

Thanks guys.... Jeff I couldn't remember what the number was to subtract. I'll pass that along.

socalwakepunk 05-25-2007 9:18 AM

Maybe go 18" if there is a lot of tongue weight.

big_ed_x2 05-25-2007 9:57 AM

Usually they say 18" but also depends on the suspension.I got my hitch at 24" and still needs to go up a little but I got a 1500 as well.

extremeisaac 05-25-2007 11:58 AM

diggs.. do you have a pic of your dodge with the leveling kit and 35s? I have the same truck with a leveling kit with 33s.. I was hoping to see what 35s look like <BR> <BR>Thanks

ride900 05-25-2007 11:59 AM

I've always heard 18"

andy13 05-25-2007 12:45 PM

measure from ground to tongue of trailer when trailer is level and subtract that

insuranceman 05-25-2007 1:08 PM

okay question, i have a 07 tahoe with a 4 inch drop right now. it is right at 22 inches from ground to top of ball. <BR> <BR>does that sound about right?

iridelow1998 05-25-2007 1:11 PM

I've got a Chevy crew cab with a 7" suspension lift with a 5 3/4 rapid hitch and I tow with it about 2/3 of the way up. I doubt he will need a 10" lift unless he just likes the look or wants to be on the extremely safe side. I was going to buy the 10" as well but after measuring and talking to the people at the lift place the 5 3/4 was definitely the way to go.

iridelow1998 05-25-2007 1:11 PM

BTW, 35" tires

iridelow1998 05-25-2007 1:20 PM

Tell your buddy to make sure he throws in the extra dough for the locks because they will sprout 2 legs and go to a new owner without.

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