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lightningstrikes 05-25-2007 4:10 AM

I just dont know what to say really....I work so hard for everything then this is how I get repaid. I went outside to start loading up the boat for a nice 4 day vacation and what do I find? A mess...a big frickin mess! I busted my butt to get my engine back together in time for this weekend and now I have no tunes. JUST added a new 10" Kicker solo-baric sub last week. Pioneer deck, 3 MTX amps, 1 Kicker amp, 8 Polk audio speakers, 10" Planet Audio Sub, 10" Solo-baric sub, XM radio, IPOD interface, transom remote.... Man, I could kill someone right now. $2500 stereo system...gone in a flash. I don't know what else to write really....just venting I guess. Nice way to start my holiday weekend. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by lightningstrikes on May 25, 2007)

carcrz 05-25-2007 4:16 AM

That stinks! They get all of it?

boomisme 05-25-2007 4:19 AM

Sounds like someone knew it was there. <BR>I would bet you know who did it.

colorider 05-25-2007 7:53 AM

Just a longshot, but one that has been proven personally. Did the store you bought the equipment from know it is going in a boat? They could have easily found your address and came over and took the stuff. I had a friend pimp out his truck system only to wake up 2 days later to find it gone. Along with his bumpers, running boards and anything else decorative and aftermarket. Turned out it was the people who sold the product to him!!!

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