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dlwsrider 05-24-2007 5:39 PM

Alright so ive been doing elephants, scarecrows, frontrolls, and toeside 3's for a while now and i want to learn a crow mobe. <BR> <BR>i need advice on how to build off the scarecrow, ive been doing them on the trampoline but i need to know where to start on the water <BR> <BR> <BR>thanks

wakeeater2003 05-25-2007 10:53 AM

I think the key to this trick is taking a super mello edge into it. Once I took a mello edge in with concentrating on going straight up that is when I got them consistant. The other thing I would think about is doing the last 180 really late. During these things will make the line less tight and help you land over your toes. <BR> The other tip I can give you is to turn the boat slightly (for left foot forword turn to the right) This will loosen up the line so the handle does not get popped out of your hand. The second thing this will do is make the wake nice and steep to give you straight up pop which is key for the this trick. <BR> One last tip I can give you is to really stand tall. Push your hips shoulders up. This will help you because the position you leave the wake is the position you will land in. If I leave the wake hunched I almost surely to to land on my heels. <BR> Good luck this is my favorite trick that I can do. I really like the feeling the of the blind landing. BCP MIKE

dlwsrider 05-29-2007 7:13 PM

alright thanks man, i ripped 4 big calicus off my lead hand so im gonna take a break for a day or two to let that so up but ive been rotating my crows super fast to get ready and im finishing way before i hit the water so i think i can land it.

steve_jones 06-05-2007 8:42 PM

See the other post.

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