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adamcarta 05-24-2007 5:08 AM

I looked at a very affordable (around $4K) 1985 Ski Nautique last night. The hull was in great shape and the motor has 700+ hours but looked pretty clean. The floor in front of the spotter seat was spongy and the interior is a mess. I am hoping that someone on this board can give me an idea of what it would cost to re-upolster the interior and replace the floors. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

skier12 05-24-2007 6:30 AM

Stringers are probably going to have to go to. Try correctcraftfan.com theres several very good threads about restoring these boats. Good luck with the project

bremsen 05-24-2007 7:16 AM

Ballpark: $3500-$6000 depending on how bad the stringers are and how much work you can do yourself. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.correctcraftfan.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=5409&amp;PN=7" target="_blank">http://www.correctcraftfan.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=5409&amp;PN=7</a> <BR> <BR>I'd pass @ $4k, maybe if they'll take $2500 it would be worth it. Otherwise, its probably best to keep looking.

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