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john_prine 05-23-2007 4:22 PM

I am looking at getting a new board. I was looking at the Hyperlite boards. I am 195lb 6'2. I was wondering if anyone had any input on what board to get. I currently have a CWB Inferno which seems to have no pop. Does anyone have any input on which board would work best for me with good pop ????

jarrod 05-23-2007 4:51 PM

If I'm not mistaken, the Inferno is an older Absolute shape. It should have plenty pop. <BR> <BR>For the most part, all boards have great pop. Usually it's the rider that lacks proper technique. You could probably still benefit from a newer board, but unless your skills are there, I wouldn't expect more pop. <BR> <BR>If you like CWB: The Transcend, Kink, and Pure are my favorites. I haven't riden anything else in a few years, so I won't be much help beyond CWB.

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