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highrider 05-22-2007 7:53 PM

Hi I just installed a new alternator in my 2000 x-star, as I was not getting any charge from the old one, at the battery, tested with an alternator tester. <BR> <BR>However, the new alternator I bought off a guy on the net, yielded a little different configuration on the back of the alternator...I mean it was kind of easy to deduct what wire might go where when referencing how the original unit was connected. However, I am still not getting any charge at the battery. So, I need to track some things down. <BR> <BR>I was wondering if anybody could share some insight regarding the 3 wires that connect to my alternator. Where do they lead specifically? I assume one is a ground, and another is the hot lead off the unit. This is a guess. And the 3rd? <BR> <BR>Does the alternator connect to my batteries through my breaker panel? Or is it wired right to the battery? I can track the wire I believe to be the hot one off the alternator, but it leads me to a wire harness mess...and I loose it. <BR> <BR>Any insight might be helpful. Thanks!

olskooltige 05-23-2007 8:40 AM

Do you have a pic of the back of the alt. <BR> <BR>None of those are ground. The alt gets ground through the case. Alt will or should be wired straight to the battery. One of the wires is an exciter or a 12V sense (probably red or orange), one is the charge lead (larger, red or orange), and one is a switched 12V lead (probably purple). <BR> <BR>You could always sell that and get in touch with DBelectrical and have them build a Delco style unit so you can swap to a 1-wire. Much easier, and much cleaner than the 3-wire stuff.

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