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datroof 05-22-2007 3:10 PM

Here's the problem. I personally hate metal tweeters. They make my ears want to squint. But it seems that's what boat speakers are gonna sound like. <BR> <BR>Can anybody suggest some 6.5's that have tweeters that sound like real life should ??? <BR> <BR>In other words not tinny,harsh,bright etc. Like a silk dome tweeter for example. <BR> <BR>I'm buying blind as nobody around here has anything I can listen to.(Atl) <BR> <BR>Help would be greatly appreciated. <BR> <BR>Thanks.

goose_sound_box_marine 05-22-2007 3:19 PM

You could use some JL Audio VR series and they have a soft dome,but they are not marine but will work very well. I know alot of people using them. I would use the JL 6.5" Marine, as long as you have good clean power they sound really good. It takes a little tuning to make boats sound like you are wanting but it is possible. Try to keep the speakers where they are not firing right at you and it will help.

05mobiuslsv 05-22-2007 3:26 PM

Polk audio db, and momo series have silk dome tweeters, both are marine rated. I've got the momo's in my boat, I think they sound good.

mikeski 05-22-2007 3:33 PM

Do you hate the tinny speakers in boats or just in general? I just pulled my Polk db675's from my truck because they were too bright (tinny) for my tastes but I really like them in boats. Same applies to Infinity Kappa's. On the other hand I replaced my truck speakers with MB Quart's that sounded flat (dull) in a boat. The MB's sound great in my truck. <BR> <BR>MB's and Boston's tend to have softer high's then Polk's, Infinity's, Kicker's, Sony's, etc. You could also go with Cadence, Morel, Dynavox, or other high end speakers suitable for classical listening. The difference is most notably a flatter high end.

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