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calabriaman 05-21-2007 7:11 PM

Just this past weekend we hit a floating log and instantly the rattle and shake occurred when going over about 10mph. I figured it was the prop but when we took it out of the water the prop looked fine. I think it may be the shaft. Everything looks fine, so I dont know. Anyone have any thoughts? Anyone bend their shaft before?

boarditup 05-21-2007 7:34 PM

Chances are it is the prop. Shafts can and do bend, but infrequently. Spray some lube into the cutlass bearing and rotate by hand. You can use a long rod to show shaft bend by letting to rod ride the shaft and looking at the end pulse.

fulltilt429 05-21-2007 8:00 PM

Sup Jason, Sucks you guys couldnt make it out to Orwood. Have you had it back in the water since changing props? Anyways if you and your boys need a ride we'll be out Sat and Sun. you got my number. - Jimmy

awl 05-21-2007 10:18 PM

You may have bent the strut. Check the prop, strut, then shaft in this order. least expensive to most expensive.

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