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big_poppa_pump 05-21-2007 3:24 PM

I have a CDX-GT81UW head unit and a RMX55M on the way. <BR> <BR>I think I might want to add the XA-110IP iPod controller also, but won't the remote take up the Sony Bus connector? I don't think that the remote or the XA-11IP have a pass thru so is there some type of y-adaptor I need to run both? <BR> <BR>Tried looking at the manuals online but no much help. <BR> <BR>I don't think I'm going to get a changer with this setup.

alindquist 05-23-2007 6:08 AM

You will need to run the UniLink splitter off the deck to the remote and the ipod controller. The remote goes to the mini-RCA jack and the ipod controller should go the the inputs on the back of the deck. If you are gong to need more than one input you need the XA-300 auxiliary input extender...

lukeduke95 05-23-2007 8:37 AM

My x55's came witha splitter that allows you to plug in an additional remote or changer.

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