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wakeboarders197 05-20-2007 1:13 PM

we want to no some to tricks besides the bascis go for big this summer!!

kottonm0uthking4 05-20-2007 8:18 PM

WTF? please edit and repost.... my eyes went crossed <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/crazy.gif" border=0>

madison_boarder 05-21-2007 2:32 PM

Translation: <BR> <BR>"We would like to know some tricks beside the basics to pursue in a big way this summer." <BR> <BR>Wow, that wasn't as easy as expected; I can't believe how badly people write on the internet--it makes my brain hurt.

ronnyboy27 05-21-2007 3:43 PM


andy13 05-22-2007 8:31 PM

do a triple backflip with a 1080

sacmule 05-24-2007 2:43 AM

On wakeworld's home page, find Wake 101 and click on the Trick List link. The trick list categorizes tricks by difficulty and provides a narrative on what the trick entails and how to do it. This list should keep you plenty busy this summer. That some time to explore this website it has a lot of trick-how-to's and some video, at least it used to. And please, for the sake of all of us who read these to help each other out, PLEASE proof read your post prior to submitting it.

ronnyboy27 05-24-2007 10:44 AM

Amen to what Michael said.

wakeboarders197 05-30-2007 2:49 PM

sry it was just a typeo jeez ppl so mean these dayz.

dlwsrider 05-30-2007 6:52 PM

We feel that if we are going to help you, you can at least give us the courtesy to make your post legible.

wakeboarders197 05-31-2007 3:46 PM

yea we no it was just a type-o

06-06-2007 2:38 PM

so why didnt you fix the type-o when you previewed it?

ronnyboy27 06-06-2007 4:02 PM

I turne the preview thing off. It's too annoying!

nickr 06-12-2007 8:17 PM

i think the preview thing is annoying to, but seriously that is really bad. My younger sister that is 6 could write better than that.

cwbx993 06-13-2007 2:46 AM

god these people are annoying

ronnyboy27 06-13-2007 7:53 AM

Someone said it's some pretty young kids and their mom let them set up and account. With that in mind cut them some slack.

krkx93 06-14-2007 4:57 PM

this was supposed to be bout tricks not sum stupid typo dam

snow 06-17-2007 11:29 AM

Justine Justin and Nick, when you say you can do a tantrum, do you mean type it in when you check your email?

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