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martinez30 05-17-2007 7:59 PM

My wife is, I would say a beginner. she is not very comfortable with her hyperlite foundation bindings. I was wondering if any of you ladies out there can help me out on choosing the best comfortable bindings. also if any of you choose closed toe as oppose to open toe or visa versa, I am considering buying her some new bindings for her b-day. Thank you in advance!

jimzgirly 05-17-2007 9:20 PM

I have the CWB Sage and they are easy to get into, comfy and a great price.

lnds143 05-17-2007 9:41 PM

I used to have hyperlite bindings and this year I got the ronix rise closed toe bindings. They are really comfortable, and my feet never get cold <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0> Going from the open toe to the closed toe was a change, but in the end the closed toe give me more control. I don't have any heel lift, and they are really easy to get in to.

nhu1978 05-19-2007 11:43 PM

I've got the CWB Torq hinge bindings. They are very comfortable and extremely easy to get in and out of. No soaps, lotions, lubes to get into these bindings. And you can find them on Ebay for $199 with free shipping. Or try the CWB Ember with Hinge. Good luck and I hope you guys find what you're looking for. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0>

jusstty 05-20-2007 4:38 AM

I would recommend the Ronix Closed toe. They are very comfortable and give the rider much more control on the water and in the air. They also keep your feet a little warmer on though's cold days. They look sweet too!!

wakechick4life 05-20-2007 12:55 PM

I also have the CWB Torq hinge tech bindings, and i also love them and would highly recommend them and I also love the colors. pink and black!

wakejunkie 05-21-2007 10:09 AM

I have LF Element bindings and am happy with them. They are easy to get in and out of (no boot goo required). They are open toed and I have been out in below 60 degree water and my feet have not been cold. If she has wide feet these bindings might be too tight.

sskitebabe 05-21-2007 11:31 AM

Lindsey or Justin....did you guys find that these rise bindings are pretty true to size? I've got narrow feet and a size 38 in eur. or 8, 8.5. <BR>Not sure if the 8 is the perfect size or not. Any input would be great..thanks! <BR> <BR>Also, do they have an insert inside that comes out? Have they been holding up well? The guys Ronix cell bindings have been falling apart, so I'm wondering if the Ronix Rise's have the same problems...

tcan 05-22-2007 2:07 AM

i ride the rise and i ride them 5 days a weekk...all the girl riders on my boat ride the rise...there just is no compairison..you get what you pay for these are the ultimate boot! i was always in open toe but i will not go back to them!!

sskitebabe 05-22-2007 6:36 AM

Tracy...are they true to size? Did you go up or down a size? Can you read my reply that's above yours in this post and reply to it? Thx<IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

tcan 05-22-2007 11:42 AM

they've got their size pretty dialed i wear 7.5 so i went with the 6-7 because even if their a little tight the intuition liners will form to your foot...i like mine a little on the tight side...but now i am so used to it and the liners have formed to my foot they are perfectly comfortable...hope that helps!

tcan 05-22-2007 11:44 AM

....at first i had a little bit of a problem with the slider mechanism...but who doesn't so i flipped the top laces haven't had a single problem since!

martinez30 05-30-2007 9:02 PM

I just wanted to say thank you, to all of you that have contributed to this tread, it was very helpful. Wakeworld Rocks!

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