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hawk22 05-15-2007 11:24 AM

Looking for an in expensive way to get way in the boat. Somebody was telling me about the Straight line 1200lb sofa launch pad. I've heard a lot of people suggest you want to weigh the boat evenly, would just putting in the sofa be too back heavy? <BR> <BR>Also, I'm assuming you could just fill the seat with air if you wanted? anybody know?

kottonm0uthking4 05-15-2007 11:57 AM

I have that seat... i plan on using it this weekend. I have had similar seats so ill give some feedback. <BR> <BR>I had the old 1800lb fat seat in my boat, that had the arms that went along the engine compartment. When I filled that up with water, my swim platform was almost knee deep. The front of the boat looked like it was a rocket aiming for the sky! <BR> <BR>I suggest putting weight up front. If you put that 1200lb seat in the back and fill her up, try to get 800lbs up front. Get a sack under the bow and stick your fattest friend up there and you should be good. <BR> <BR>I filled up my fat seat with air when we didnt want the weight in the boat and it eventually popped. We would have 3 people sitting on it and eventually the seams just gave out. <BR> <BR>I will be filling up the sofa with air this weekend and giving it a shot... I will let you know

kottonm0uthking4 05-21-2007 9:38 PM

Sick bag! I put about 600lbs up front when using this.. however we only had the driver and an observer in the boat! So i would suggest a 1000lb capacity bag that you can fill all the way up if you load the boat with people. Let me know if you have any ?'s

silverlude 05-21-2007 9:47 PM

Just beware of seam leaks. We have been through 3 of them and all had leakage problems. 2 in the exact same spot. I finally just went to the X Series 750lb rectagle sac and we made a seat for the thing that we can face rear or front. It will expand to hold at least 850lbs xtra full. Then we use 300-500 up front and usually have 4-9 people on board. 2 seasons on the x series sac and NO leaks.

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