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knarbar 05-14-2007 10:49 AM

Got the scarecrows and whirlys but the two tricks I want to learn this year are the Crow Mobe and Moby Dick. On the Crow Mobe I come off w two hands on the handle throwin myself pretty hard. Then I let go through the flip to place the handle in the small of my back but Im either not rotating enough or slip out blind. Im not getting jerked over by the handle being behind my back just slippin out

steve_jones 06-05-2007 7:40 PM

Assuming you can do a TS 3 every single time without a second thought. <BR> <BR>Do a regular Scarecrow. Try to take your crow straight up and down. (A shorter, deeper cut will help you learn it.) On the way down is when you want to throw the last 180. As you come around for the crow, just continue as you do for your TS 3. <BR> <BR>Pass the handle as you land or just after. (Do it the same way you do the TS3). <BR> <BR>Do a few TS 3's and then go for it.

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