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hype29 05-12-2007 2:37 PM

today I just got to the lake I was in idle waiting for my wife to park the truck. As soon a I went to go her it felt as if my prop fell off. It would not go at all. So I had to get a tow in. Put it on the trailer and when I got it out the prop was up against the rudder. Luckly there was no damage to either of them. It seemed as if the whole driveshaft was disconnected. I pushed it back in to where it should be and found that the nut on the back side on the trany coupler was completly off. So I Put loctite on it and tightned as good as I could. Do you guys think that is all I need to do? That looked like the only problem. Has any one else had this happen to them? Seems like it could do some pretty hefty damage if you were going fast. thanks

kingskrew 05-12-2007 2:45 PM

WOW! Was your boat recently serviced, or do you have any reason to suspect someone was messing around in there? I've never heard of this happening, and I agree, there's the potential for major issues! I'd probably consult a marine tech to see what the proper procedure regarding the coupler is, just to make sure that doesn't happen again. <BR> <BR>Did you make it back out on the lake that same day? <BR> <BR>-Steve

hype29 05-12-2007 2:53 PM

No, I have'nt been back to the lake yet. I talked to the dealership and they said its rare but it does happen and that I'm super lucky because it usually tears up the prop, rudder and the driveshaft.They said to put loctite in it and tighten it and I should be good. But now it just scares me. I just bought the boat in March and I have had it out numerous times without issue. thanks

mobv 05-12-2007 3:26 PM

Looking at a picture of the Walters V-drive there are 8 bolts in the rouund coupler and then 2 bolts in a split flange that squeezes on the shaft. If you only tightened one bolt I would be afraid that it is still not secure. It also says the bore is broached and keyed. Did the key fall out? <BR> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by mobv on May 12, 2007)

boss210 05-12-2007 3:36 PM

unfortuintly that is not a uncomon prolbem.A buddy of mine had the same thing happen. The loctight is all you will need. Check it every once in a while when you do your service. Its also a good ideal to check your rudder bolts and your fins when you service.

hype29 05-12-2007 6:19 PM

its not a walters v drive its from zf marine so I think its different. There is no key that I know of. going to try to hit the lake in the morning. wish me luck

dabell 05-12-2007 6:25 PM

I hope there is not pun intended there Dubbe.... Good luck.

lukeduke95 05-13-2007 10:11 AM

Can you put a locking wire through them? My nautique has 4 bolts that made the tranny couple to the drive shaft couple and the bolts are drilled throug hthe hex to accept a locking wire that you wrap around and string through all of them. Kinda how motorcycle guys have lockwires on their race bikes.

mobv 05-13-2007 1:53 PM

Dubbe, ZF Marine makes the transmission goes into a Walters V-drive on every V-drive boat I've looked at.

hype29 05-13-2007 4:41 PM

Just the big 1 1/8" nut on the back right in the center came off. There are no keys or locking wires that I know of. When I called the mastercraft dealer they said all I had to do for that problem was push the drive shaft back in to place from underneath and you would know when it was in because the threads would be out in the back. and them put loctite on it and tighten the nut. took it out today and was fine, although I kept checking it. it does seem like there should be more to keep it on. like at least a pin like on the prop end. thanks

masterwake1122 07-04-2010 11:35 AM

Do you have any pictures of this? I think the same thing happened to me. I don't want to take it to a mechanic if I don't have to...

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