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pierce_bronkite 05-11-2007 6:48 AM

Anyone got any tips on how to throw an off axis 180? Looking to add more style to my TS, HS and half cab 180s. Thanks in advance.

05-11-2007 8:18 AM

yes sw hs oa 180 are super easy. Do your half cab 180 with an indy grab and than do it again a little bit more oa by cutting a little more at the bottom of the wake. try it again more oa and so on. after 10 times you will land nice off-axis 180. You can do the same thing with your regular 180 but I've never tried it yet. I never fell on a sw hs oa 180 while learning it because I was taking it step by step.

05-11-2007 8:19 AM

I'll try to out a video of an oa 180 soon. I thing you can call them cabwing because it looks like a batwing in the air.

alanp 05-11-2007 10:26 PM

check out my thread below on oa 3's should get you started(i go into detail about the 180)

pierce_bronkite 05-14-2007 2:11 PM

Jean, a video would be cool. Still not sure on who to intiate the off axis approach. <BR> <BR>alan, im reading that thread now. <BR> <BR>Thanks all..

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