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pc_sledge 05-11-2007 6:23 AM

There was a great thread started this winter that I wanted to follow up on. Looks like the warm weather is here to stay! I think I have the first weekend in June open for trying to pull together some local riders. Ian, Marc, Trent,or any other eastern Ia or western IL guys out there are you guys ready?!

wakereviews 05-11-2007 6:45 AM

Yeah, i'd be down, but i'm out of town the first two weekends of June... weekdays work for me though. Be prepared, I'm no good at all!

hyperlink 05-11-2007 7:26 AM

Im going to get my boat out of storage this weekend... Im slacking this year...

redracer2003 05-11-2007 7:56 AM

good to see the thread back! Do any of you guy know of a 98 or 99 Nautique for sale? Looking for a sport or Air.

wanabe 05-11-2007 8:10 AM

That sounds good to me. I think it would be great to get together, I suck, but I love it. finding enough time to travel is the only problem for me. but i'll try.

wakereviews 05-11-2007 9:13 AM

Mattwc, how much are you looking to spend? PM me and i'll see if I can help out.

pc_sledge 05-11-2007 1:58 PM

The next weekend I have open would be the last saturday in June, the 30th or sunday July 1st. Any weeknight is good except Wednesdays for me.

wakereviews 05-11-2007 2:19 PM

who else can do weekdays/nights? i'm generally out at the lake on weekends. Brett, are you and I the only QC'ers here?

pwningjr 05-11-2007 2:31 PM

anyone here ride east lake near cedar falls?

hyperlink 05-11-2007 2:38 PM

Dan, I've never ridden East Lake but im only about 50 miles south @ Holiday Lake

boarditup 05-11-2007 2:40 PM

Clear Lake for me

redracer2003 05-11-2007 3:18 PM

anybody ride saylorville?

pc_sledge 05-14-2007 6:02 AM

Ian, I think we are the only ones paying attention to this thread from the Q.C. I've met another guy Mike who hasn't posted in a long time and I have not talked to him since early last season but I do have his phone number so I'll give him a buzz, I'm not sure if he is currently riding or not, he blew his knee out last year. Anyways, like I said weekdays are cool with me except Wednesdays. Maybe Marc or Trent could chime in if they think they could swing a week night if not maybe we could all get together on a Sunday afternoon sometime. Just let me know what night of the week you want to shoot for and I'll try and get things lined up.

wakereviews 05-14-2007 7:06 AM

Ok, this week is bad, how about next week sometime? I have a buddy who is just starting, cool to bring him along? I've been working on so many projects at our lake this year i haven't even gotten out yet, pathetic i know. Going to the lake again this weekend to hopefully finish up a deck and i am going to make a point to get that first run in.

kalenk 05-14-2007 10:49 AM

Id be down for this.. where is this happening?

wakereviews 05-14-2007 11:33 AM

I think Brett was going to hook us up with a pull on the new X45, but if not, we can go to my lake, but it's 45 minutes into IL close to Galesburg.

kalenk 05-14-2007 11:40 AM

Im totally down for whatever. this sound like fun. more people in iowa need to ride together..cause..well, its iowa.

wakinali 05-14-2007 3:55 PM

Karl, we will be out on Clear Lake too. Moving to Iowa in a couple of months.

pc_sledge 05-15-2007 6:09 AM

Ian, definitely bring your bro along. I'll throw Tuesday night out there for starters- let me know for sure and i'll email you some directions.

wally247 05-15-2007 6:57 PM

I'm way on the west side of Iowa 4 miles from South Dakota, is there anyone besides Brett and Mike even close to me??

wakereviews 05-15-2007 7:42 PM

OK, Brett... Tuesday is looking pretty good for me so far. did have to get out of my step son's little league game, but his dad is there so it's no big deal. <BR> <BR>Again, i'm telling you just to be sure, that I am not any good, but can get up and ride consistently and my buddy hasn't even gotten up yet! We're going out to my lake tomorrow to finish working on the deck and we'll also be out there this weekend. I"m going to try and get him up then. Hit me up with an email at ian at onlyinboards.com and let me know what we can bring... i'm assuming a few brews will be in order?

badzuki 05-28-2007 7:46 AM

I need to find some people that want to wakeboard in okoboji.

mjmurphy53711 05-28-2007 8:22 AM

Hey you people that ride Clear Lake....is that lake still REALLY windy and rough? I grew up there but have never wakeboarded there. <BR> <BR>Might be getting up there in late July, would love to catch a pull. <BR> <BR>IOWA has its own forum at <a href="http://www.midwestwakeboarder.com" target="_blank">www.midwestwakeboarder.com</a> Join up and make it your own guys.

HYPERLITEshredder 04-26-2010 6:11 PM

Karl, I ride at Clear Lake too. I work in Clear Lake so I'm there all summer.

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