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bailey 05-10-2007 7:51 PM

Do most people ride this board without the fin extensions? I am currently riding an 04 absolute without the center fin and would like to know how it compares. I have also ridden the Marius without extra fins. <BR>I may be able to get a sweet deal on one but I don't really have the option to demo. <BR>The only real thing I am worried about is how sticky the molded fins are. Thanks for the info.

wakeslife 05-10-2007 8:37 PM

I would imagine it would be a very loose ride. I ride it with teh full length extensions and am still able to break the board loose rather easily...

mcwakerider 05-10-2007 8:41 PM

my buddy rides it with the shorter extensions... and loves it! Im sure he will frequent this thread... He loves his transcend... i think he sleeps with it... lol

detonate69 05-10-2007 9:15 PM

I ride it finless and love it.

05-10-2007 9:47 PM

Finless! But whatever feels right for you.........Great board!

sbt3 05-11-2007 6:14 AM

I rode the 04 absolute with the center fin and am riding the 07 transcend without the extensions. I will occasionally put them on if it is really choppy out but 99% of the time I ride without them. It is a little looser than my absolute with the center fin but I have gotten use to it.

committed 05-11-2007 6:32 AM

Rob-I have the same Ab as you and just hooked up a Platty-Trans, and you don't need any fins, or fin extentions, or any other rudder devises. The board tracks fine, without em. If your riding an Ab without em, maintain that. It should be noted that mine is an 06 (Transcend).

bailey 05-11-2007 9:07 AM

I am not really worried about it being too loose without the fins. I am worried it will be too sticky. I demoed some boards couple of years ago and most of them had too much in the molded fin department. When they are built in you don't have the option to go smaller with the fins. I wouldn't want it any stickier than my absolute without the center fin.

DRA 05-11-2007 9:18 AM

This is how I see it with the Transcend. I currently ride it with the short fin extensions and love it. With the long fins it has a tremendous amount tracking and is far from being a loose board. Without fins I think you need to be very good with your edging technique. The board is loose (very loose) without fins and definitely fits a lot of guys style. For me the perfect combo is the short fins. I came from a 05 absolute finless and the short fins is the most comparable to that setup. The things it does better is lands softer and is more predictable off the wake. <BR> <BR>Evan time for you to chip in on the finless thing.

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