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spicychalupa69 05-10-2007 1:47 PM

So im lookin to get a set of new bindings for my cousin (girl cousin) hence my post on this thread! Anywho, she has a 7.5-8 size shoe size. She really wants some 06 Hyperlite Murrays, but since they are not 'girl' bindings then i suspect the sizing is different. If someone knows what size i should get her for her shoe size please let me know. Thanks in advance!

05-10-2007 2:33 PM

i wear an 8 and i had mini mediums. these were the most comfy bindings ever! only prob they have several defects and when you warranty these problems you will be told they no longer make bindings in a size mm. good luck though. i wish i could get my '06s back. the '07s aren't the same.

wakeboarddad01 05-10-2007 3:49 PM

My daughter wears small mens in the Hyperlite 3d's.... Fits fine.... Have her go with you and try them on..

deedee 05-10-2007 4:29 PM

yes I would def have her try them on...OR you can honestly ask the sales rep at your local shop. they should know about the size and would recommend she come in but just keep your receipt and you should be fine. good luck!

spicychalupa69 05-10-2007 11:00 PM

Thanks for the replies. The only thing is that my cousin is living in Mexico, so im flying in and bringing them to her...pretty nice of me huh? Lives on a lake and has a BU so theres something in it for me <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/wink.gif" border=0> so if anyone has any other suggestions or knows of the size that would be awesome. thought i would ask here before i go to my local shop. thanks again!

nhu1978 05-21-2007 4:05 PM

Hey Eder. Girl sizes are just one size different from the guys. If she were to wear a size 7.5-8 in the ladies's shoes then she would wear a size 6.5-7 in the guys. Jessica's right, from what you've described, sounds like the mini md (sz. 5-7) will be just right for your cousin. Just like DD said, ask the sales rep about it. They "should" know what size you are looking for. What a nice cousin, and good luck!

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