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04-22-2001 12:16 PM

is there such a thing as a h/s raley? or jus t/s?

04-22-2001 1:20 PM

Yes Hs raley was the first one done then came TS.Take a real hard cut ,progressivly to the wake with the hardest cut at the top of the wake,then as you relese off the wake relax your body and let your arms extend out in front of you as your looking at or above the boat square..Then to pull it back down try to pull the rope and your knees together.I cant do them but this is how i was told to do them.Careful the falls on these hurt like hell if you dont commit to the whole trick.. <BR> <BR> <BR>Later <BR>Bill <BR>BA Wakeboards <BR>TxWA <BR><A HREF="http://www.boardsource.net" TARGET="_top">http://www.boardsource.net</A>

04-22-2001 2:40 PM

haha, aright thanx for the advice man, peace

04-23-2001 1:54 PM

Bill, Great advice. The key to a good raley is commitment. Once you start your cut, don't back off. Go for it and go for it BIG. It really isn't that hard of a trick. I just wish I could figure out TS raleys! well good luck on hitting them. I expect to see an "I did it!!!" post soon. good luck. <BR>Todd

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