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cwbpure 05-09-2007 8:02 PM

hey guys, im coming down to florida from canada on the 31st,and want to get as much riding as possible in, i will be there for a little over a week... only prob is that i have no idea on what is around or how to get there!!!! any help would be appreciated.. thanks

partyb 05-09-2007 8:12 PM

Could you be a little more specific? Where the heck are you going to be, it's a big state. <BR> <BR>Maybe do a little internet research or use search function before making such a broad statement? <BR> <BR>I'll take anybody out, but I'm not gonna say "heh, I'm goin to Canada."

cwbpure 05-09-2007 8:17 PM

i will be flying into orlando... just need to know if the public transport is any good or will it take hours to get anywhere??? and good hostels ect that anyone has stayed in???

luke_d 05-10-2007 6:52 PM

their is only one hostel in orlando which is in kissimee, it's in a good spot for going to disney but thats about it. i stayed their for 4 weeks hostel is cool jerry one of the managers will organise a gathering whenever hot chicks arrive <BR> <BR>orlando is a very spread out city so it takes a while to go anywhere by bus which is the only form of transport. i went to owc by bus every day and it took about an hour and a half each way by the time you changed buses and walked about 800 meters <BR> <BR>if you want to know how to get to a specific location by bus message me and i'll tell you how i had it pretty sused after catching them everywhere

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