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04-22-2001 7:27 AM

Could anyone here give me an informative step-by-step way to pull a raley?? thanx for any tips...peace

04-30-2001 4:07 PM

ne one?

05-01-2001 4:46 AM

Are you trying them yet? It is a little easier if you try it, then tell us what is happening. Basically you take a balanced progressive edge into the wake. Edge all the way through. Now, instead of keeping the handle in, let it out in front of your face. Keep your chin up and looking forward. Dont look down or to the side. Getting the handle out in front is going to force your feet back. Let them go. When the time is right, bring the handle back in. Over exagerate the pull back in to where you bringing the handle toward your knees. This will get the board back under you. Then just set it down. Try it a few times and tell us what your body is doing ing the air and we can help you correct it. Concentrate on a balanced cut. Equal weight on both feet.

05-02-2001 9:55 PM

Just don't let go. Can't stress the importance of that enough...

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