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04-21-2001 11:58 PM

Hey, I was just wondering what I should start trying as far as no wake air tricks go. Gimme some pointers and I'll keep you guys posted once the lakes melt! <BR> <BR>thanks <BR>brian

except for 180's 05-13-2001 11:02 PM

ive never landed any no wake tricks (except for 180's) but i tried a bel-air (no wake tantrum) and i totally wiped out but the guys in the boat gave me some props and thought it looked sweet. so if i was you i would just cut out really hard, jump, and throw you head back as hard you can. if anything it might look cool and landing one would be sweet since not too people try no-wake tricks.

so the board actually cuts back 05-18-2001 3:27 PM

The key to any air trick is loading the line. You want to have as much tension on the line as posible. If you are trying a bel-air, startjust outside the wake and cut away from the wake. Get some speed up and just before you throw it change your edge(so the board actually cuts back), stand tall and throw your head back.

05-19-2001 6:31 AM

the key to air tricks is...just don't do em'. they went out with surf style boards and straps!

not that I would know from personal experience 05-20-2001 9:40 PM

Give me a break Travis. I was about to say you probably can't land one, then I checked your profile. Don't let riding with greatness go to your head, it feels just as good landing a move like that today as when Darin did it, (not that I would know from personal experience). We with our feet and heads closer to the ground enjoy picking tricks we think are cool and working on them reguardless of old school new school trends. <BR> <BR>Funny this came up, because I just posted about tumble turns. (laughing to myself or is it at myself), hows that for out of style! I'm going to do them this summer. I love this sport.

05-21-2001 6:47 AM

easy turbo! just kidding. take deep breaths. do the tricks you're into.

05-21-2001 3:52 PM

Turbo, LOL. Forgive me, I was bored and felt preachy. <BR> Sincerly, <BR> Yugo

05-21-2001 4:02 PM

no problem. i am afraid sarcasm doesn't translate well in type. 90% of what i'm saying is a joke! but, it you want to try air tricks probably your best bet is going to be with a roll to revert or half cab roll. its easy to load up the line by simply rising and turning away. <BR> <BR>travis <BR>ridethespot.com

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