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preacherman 05-08-2007 8:48 AM

RONIX Demo Day - On <BR>Wednesday May 9th join us and the <BR>Ronix crew at Lakeview Dock on <BR>South Holston Lake. We will have <BR>all of the Ronix boards,bindings, <BR>ropes and handles on hand for you <BR>to put to the test behind one of our <BR>Centurion boats. Come out and see <BR>what all the hype is about. The <BR>hours will be from 11 AM until 7PM. <BR>Refreshments will be provided and <BR>remember there is no charge to <BR>come out and ride. We hope to see <BR>you there. <BR> <BR>Danny Harf will be there from 11am-7pm. Come out and check everything out. If you need directions contact CBK Watersports at 423-224-2135

cbk 05-08-2007 10:45 AM

Thanks for the post Brad.

preacherman 05-08-2007 7:17 PM

Not a problem Nate, can't wait to see him tear it up!!!

batman 05-09-2007 8:11 PM

Nate, You did not mention Harf was going to be there! I saw the MC at Winged Deer on Tuesday night.

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