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boardin4364 05-07-2007 7:24 AM

So just picked up a new ride. Got a great deal on a mint 2000 X-Star. Yeah we went backwards in the years selling our 04 Cyclone, but hey got the kids now and they come first. There was only one issue with the boat and that is that the guy who had it before me installed and upgraded all the stereo stuff. He was a "thought he new how to wire it guy." And well he didn;t know what he was doing. He bought some decent stuff imo. but wired like a goof. I am not a stereo guy at all but it was very easy to spot...and I know the amp he used was not designed to push all 4 speakers and a 10 sub it was a clarion 4 channel. <BR> <BR> <BR>So here is my questions for all you stereo guys. I am not looking to go crazy, looking for the most cost efficient way to get some good sound out of whats there already. I only have a single battery so not sure how big of an issue that is. He put in a new clarion head unit with Ipod capabilities, 4 Polk Momo mmc650's' and a JL W6 10 inch sub. Looking for the best way to get some good sound out of this setup. I re ran all the speaker wire so its good to go.......Just trying to decide how to hardwire it all together. A guy at work recommended going with a JBL GTO755.6 II 6 channel amp to push everything. What do you all think? My original idea was to just run the 4 polks off the head unit and just buy a single channel amp to push the sub........ His way I think would require a second battery, is that right? Just looking for some advice info as I am not stereo inclined at all. Thanks

kingskrew 05-07-2007 11:15 AM

Dp you still have the clarion 4 channel? Run the 4 Momos off that and buy a amp for the sub. No reason to spend a ton of money on the sub amp, you can find something that will get the job done in the $100 range. Good luck! <BR> <BR>-Steve

rrbooker 05-07-2007 11:51 AM

I would dump the clarion amp and run something like a jl 450/4! Trust me that wasn't the system that was orginally in that boat! contact me if you want a little more info about it!

mikeski 05-09-2007 10:23 PM

The single Clarion APX480 will run your system just fine. Run the four boat speakers to the front channels and the rear channels bridged to the sub. Front channels highpass at 100hz, rear channels lowpass at 80hz. I feel it's better to have a gap than an overlap. This will work better than running anything off the head unit.

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