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bendow 05-05-2007 6:40 AM

cablestock at TSR...who's going? Some of the pros like Andrew Adkison, Gabe Lucas, Aaron Reed, Keith Lidberg, The Vandal, Josh Rice, Tom Fooshee will be there. Should be some good riding

praisinplaya 05-05-2007 11:20 AM

we'll be there!! super stoked to see everyone...this will be our 1st cablestock. I think were heading down saturday from lubbock...and goin straight to the rail jam on 6th in austin...then heading to TSR on sunday

05-10-2007 12:43 PM

anybody know for sure who all is gonna be riding?

swami 05-10-2007 12:49 PM

There should be plenty of cool riders in attendance. I can't wait. See you all there. (I live 10 miles away. :-) <BR> <BR>-S

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