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04-19-2001 10:55 PM

ok, what's your guy's best combo or trick on a wakeskate. Like frontside, to backside boardslide and stuff like that.

04-22-2001 5:35 PM

Thomas horrel can do fronside to backside boardslide to 180 shove it.

04-22-2001 9:18 PM

180 to hang 10!! I bite on the wakeskate but it sure is fun...

04-22-2001 10:44 PM

hehe, its all about havin fun. Yeah, that is one of thomas's signature moves, I can do a Frontside to backside boardslide to 180 off but the shuvit is too hard to stick for me to add it into the combo.

04-23-2001 1:13 AM

i can do a shove it but not in the combo way too hard

04-23-2001 5:23 AM

Hey Jarad is your last name Farda or something along those lines? <BR> <BR>Later <BR>Bill

04-23-2001 4:00 PM

nope, but my last name is something much more uncommon than that. hehe, its Comingdeer. Don't ask what it means, i just know its Indian. And dont ask me if I look like im indian either, I think im only like 1/32 indian or some small percentage.

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