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longhornfan 05-01-2007 12:38 PM

I got a used 2003 HL Grubb for X-Mas this year. Finaly got a chance to ride it this Sunday. I had never ridden a wakeskate but was pumped to have something new to learn. <BR> <BR>I figured I'd have to remove the fins or get smaller ones since I edge pretty well on a wakeboard and thought that it'd be too tight for me. WRONG. Even with the big fins that think felt slick as snot. It was all I could do to cut outside and then back into the wake. I was able to do a couple of surface 180's but fell when trying to spin backside. <BR> <BR>Gave up after the one run. Figure I'll try to learn something new when the water's not 60 degrees. <BR> <BR>Anyways, just wanted to say I've got a new found respect for you guys and what y'all can do.

treycleaton 05-01-2007 1:45 PM

It's a whole different animal than wakeboarding. Glad you enjoyed it, you may never strap again....I know I haven't.

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