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04-19-2001 6:37 PM

Ok, I'm having problems with this trick, I've been to the wakeboarding camp and they could hardly help me. I was wondering if anyone could let me in on any little secrets that have helped them. I come close sometimes but mostly I tend to throw it too early and do the trick with my head 2-in. above the water. I'm a very experienced rider who can do many complicated inverts but front roll tricks baffle me. Please help!

now heres my lil' secret, might sound silly but I count to one 04-19-2001 8:17 PM

Take a mean cut towards your wake and then start lifting your shoulders up or basically stand up tall about 6 inches before the wake. Hit the wake and let go with your back hand at the same time. Wait till you leave the wake (now heres my lil' secret, might sound silly but I count to one) before you throw your head down. Keep the handle in tight for the entire trick. Going for a grab will speed up the rotation. You want to try to over rotate this trick anyhow because once you spot the landing you can let your arm out some to stop the rotation. <BR>Do the same thing with a little less aggression, dont let go with your back hand and you have yourself a scarecrow. <BR>Hope that helps ya.

05-02-2001 11:41 AM

Hi i am also having the same problem, i can't land the front roll. I get in the full rotation but i always land on my heals and the board slips out from under me. I also think i might need some more hight of the wake. Any tips on this two i would appreciate it. <BR>Scott

05-02-2001 2:45 PM

If you are landing on your heals you are opening up too early. Wait until you think your head is about to dig into the water, then stretch your legs and reach for the water. Try to grab the board and hold it as long as you can. What I do is wrap my back arm around my back leg and pull it close to me, that keeps me balled up. Another point, wait until you get the pop. <BR>Later <BR>Tiffanator <BR>Ladyboarder.com <BR>Hyperlite Wakeboards <BR>XtremeGearOnline.com <BR>AIM Suprachickchick <BR><A HREF="mailto:Thelandroid@yahoo.com">Thelandroid@ya hoo.com</A>

05-17-2001 7:29 PM

You want to cut in with more weight on your back foot, ride all the way up the wake, stand tall and tuck. Try to over-rotate it and you will land on your toes. Spot the opposite shore when you land and bend your knees.

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