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vega3 04-27-2007 4:41 AM

ok my shop has called and said that the ronix packs is arrived. i would like to have your comments concerning this pack. first i wanted the melissa one...but all the guys said ronix is the best board they have ever seen...so if you compare the ronix one and the melissa one..what is the best??!! (for a girl : 119.5 lbs 5'38'') <BR> <BR>!!! thank you!!!! <BR>Vero

criswb 04-28-2007 8:59 AM

I havent tried the trinity or the luxe, but that is a more beginner fun pack. Depending on where you want to go with your riding and what your riding style is, you should decide your board. If you're still a beginner but are looking to really step it up, Id go for the melissa, its a more "high-end" board and is very friendly with beginners as well. <BR> <BR>If you see in the Ronix catalog it does say that the trinity shape is for the Sunday rippers or something like that, meaning (IMO) its mostly for people that ride occasionally and want a really forgiving user friendly for beginner levels board. <BR> <BR>You should go for a size 134-5 whichever board you decide

vega3 04-28-2007 10:16 AM

thank you cris!!!!..as i prefer the melissa bindings i'm going to take the melissa pack....!!. I really want to improve my style lol....

criswb 04-30-2007 11:34 PM

Glad to be of help... as for me I'm getting the Jett board!!

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