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xtremebordgurl 04-21-2007 7:57 AM

Anyone seen it or played with it yet? What are some of the new features? Is it drastically different from CS2? I heard that Bridge FINALLY has a loop in it. <BR> <BR>Also, anyone have Lightroom? How does it compare to Aperature? Would you recomend it?

richd 04-21-2007 8:27 AM

The speed difference alone (I have an Intel Mac) makes the CS3 upgrade worth it. And I like the new photomerge in CS3 although AutoPano Pro does a little better job. <BR> <BR>Haven't tried Lightroom since the original beta came out. I'm "in love" with Aperture and now that I've figured out the RAW workflow with it all I need PS for is photomerge, layer work etc. <BR> <BR>The Aperture luminanace 1/4 tone controls act the same as curves in PS and I understand how they affect the image way better then I ever did with curves. I think the highlite/shadow/saturation tools are just flat out better then PS as well. I hope that Apple will build plugin/camera profile support and better noise control into the next version.

projectely4 04-21-2007 8:28 AM

i have lightroom and Im' very happy with it. i tryed aperture alittle but never got to work with it enough to compare both of them. <BR> <BR>if youre using CS3 or 2 go with lightroom as the 2 can work togethor. <BR> <BR>importing editing and just organizing any amount of photos is a breeze and all the tools are easy to use and understand. <BR> <BR>also buy lightroom before the end of april as it is only 199 right now

bakes5 04-21-2007 1:41 PM

Also a big lightroom fan. I had both (aperture and lightroom) on my computer (Macbook pro) and they worked about the same for me since I had not used either previously. In the end I chose lightroom since it seemed to not work the computer as hard.

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