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ajtrustey 04-20-2007 7:20 PM

hey guys, <BR>i have a trampoline with a wakeboard rope and tree... <BR>i have been trying to learn a few tricks but cannot learn them... i would really appreciate help <BR> <BR>i would like to learn off-axis spins, whirleys, crow mobes, and some other invert-spin tricks <BR> <BR>help if u can

04-21-2007 9:32 AM

It's hard to explain it on a forum. I'm sure if I were with you and you can do tantrum and scarecrow and ts 540 on the trampo and could help you doing whirly, crowmobe and off-axis in less than an our. I teached my friends who don't wakeboard and could only do frontflip and backflip on the tramp how to do mobydick, crowmobe and off-axis. <BR> <BR>You should consider learning a mobydick on the tramp before a whirly if you don't even got this trick. <BR> <BR>I've a little video that I've made a years and a half ago all tricks in a row so some tricks or really ugly such as the whirlys lol but you'll get and idea of how to throw the tricks if you check it in slow-motion <BR> <BR><a href="" target="_blank"></a>

04-21-2007 9:34 AM

some tricks are missing such as the dumdum, g-spot, blind pete and pete rose ... I forgot them

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