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timsown 04-20-2007 6:17 PM

I have a Sansa E260 Mp3 player. I just wired my Clarion XMD stereo to accept the auxiliary input. It works, but the volume is nothing compared to what I get when I play a cd or the radio. I have the volume control on the Mp3 player turned up and there is even a setting to change the volume level to "high", which I did. If I turn the volume up too high, it clips. Is my problem inherent with this type of setup, is my wiring bad, or do I just have a crappy mp3 player?

sixeye 04-22-2007 5:38 PM

Could there be an impedance mismatch? What is the output impedance of the E260? And what is the input impedance of the aux input on your Clarion? If one is high and one is low, I would expect level problems and possible distortion.

timsown 04-22-2007 8:44 PM

I'll have to check that out. I did find that the cable I was using from the Mp3 player to the rca inputs I wired was garbage. The new cable works better, but still not as loud as a cd. I'm using the CD Changer input as my AUX. I'll try and find out the impedance of the two. Thanks for the tip.

sea_ray_dave 04-22-2007 10:14 PM

Unless you have programmed the RCA pigtails coming out of the back of the XMD for front/rear, the set of red rca's are the Aux. inputs to use. These are also the inputs where the levels can be programmed for different input levels for the XMD. Just get a good set of RCA to 1/8" stereo cables. The Sansa should do okay with the XMD input level set on high and 3/4 volume on the player. <BR> <BR>Is your CD changer controlled and wired using ce-net cabling?

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