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04-18-2001 12:34 PM

hey guys...when u do a bunny hop 180, how do u get enough tension on the line to get some ligit pop? I can hop, but the rope is all bouncy an its hard to get some air to get the board switchstance. thanx for any tips, peace

04-18-2001 12:44 PM

You want to build tension with the rope. A progressive edge will give you that tension.

04-18-2001 1:37 PM

so even when ur doin a progressive cut, an u bunnyhop 180, u wont be thrown off balance? because i mean if ur doin a progressive cut ull still have momentum...i think?

04-18-2001 1:52 PM

No, you won't. Right before you are ready to do the 180, flatten out.

04-18-2001 1:57 PM

the way to first learn it is to cut out heelside outside the wakes, let off your edge and right when the board starts to flatten out you want to push down with your back foot and pull your board up with your front foot, and move the rope to your back hip, which will become your front hip almost the same idea as ollieing a skateboard. use the rope to help you rotate and keep your head up. Practice getting up switch and riding around switch as this will also help out a lot the best advice is just keep trying it and it will eventually come.

04-18-2001 6:51 PM

thanks guys

05-09-2001 7:34 AM

Sean, <BR> This is an easy thing to do. I found that when I do it, I keep tension on the rope and begin the ollie before I completely straighten out. If you wait till you are going straight, then the tension will be removed from the rope and it will just be that much harder. I good way to learn it is to use the wake to help you at first until you get used to it. <BR> <BR> Ride up the wake like you would for a butter slide, only instead of sliding, ollie and then turn the board. If you land it short, you can recover easier on the peak of the wake. The other thing I discovered, is not to think about it too much, just do it. I didn't plan on doing it the first time I did, I just got out there and everything seemed right so I did it. Landed it the first time I tried it, and every time since. Had a few sloppy ones, but never failed to complete it. <BR> <BR>Good luck to you!!

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