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deedee 04-19-2007 9:13 PM

Hey- so I am coming home next week from a conference out of town and am always riding on Lake Tulloch - we wakeskate behind my boyfriends weighed out supreme (direct drive - we also water ski) I am the only chick who wake skates (i dont wakeboard) and am looking for some other girls to join me -he works on saturday and i need someone to come with me to have some sessions. I also have a house on clearlake but there isnt a boat always there. if anyone is down let me know - reply to this and we can exchange info - i am def. not as good as i want to be and am looking for some other girls who will push me to get better who are positive and rad. THANKS!

polhamus 04-25-2007 9:51 PM

Hey where do you live. I wakeskate and wakeboard. Live in Rocklin, CA It is sooo hard to find girls that ride period!!

kitstocks 04-26-2007 8:22 AM

Hey Girls, <BR> <BR>My name is Kit Stocks and I wakesurf. I am always looking for girls to ride with. I was just at Lake Tullock for the wakesurfing competition last week. It is a nice lake. I am located in Antelope Ca if anyone is down to go out.

deedee 04-26-2007 4:01 PM

sooo due to a my most recent entry into single-dom, I will rephrase my first post haha...I USED to ride out at lake Tulloch - it is an awesome lake - a bummer to watch the wind pick up tho...i currently dont have access to a boat anymore unfortunatley <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/sad.gif" border=0> due to the break up BUT I live in south san francisco and will drive anywhere for a day of riding with some awesome people since i wont be able to do it much. Anyone riding this weekend? im also doing the sunday afternoon Maven session on the delta - very excited!

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