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wake_pirate 04-18-2007 4:21 PM

I have a new Sony Handycam, I have plenty of video. I have Sony Vegas Editing. I can down load the video from the camera to my laptop. I can edit it w/ Sony Vegas, add music, cut & transition, etc. but when I go to "make a movie" it wont. The file does get saved on my desktop. I can open it using anything w/ my computer. but I can burn a damn disk. I bought Roxio Creator & have dragged the file from my desktop to Roxio, but then Roxie wants to add its own titles menus, etc. WTF

wake_pirate 04-19-2007 11:20 PM

anyone? anyone? oh wel

sea_ray_dave 04-20-2007 8:11 AM

I use NERO and have no complaint/issues. I also had ROXIO but it was not a flexible as the NERO software. Sounds like video codecs are missing if the file won't play.

shulaj 04-24-2007 12:36 PM

I know why. Sorry but I have 3 Sony HandyCams, and the reason is that the CODEC for the voice/image is NOT standard. Do a search on Sony movie editing problem <BR> <BR><a href="http://realiventblog.com/2006/11/29/tutorials-for-video-editing-with-windows-movie-maker-step-1-import/" target="_blank">http://realiventblog.com/2006/11/29/tutorials-for-video-editing-with-windows-movie-maker-step-1-import/</a> <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.windowsmoviemakers.net/PapaJohn/53/Converting-MPEG.aspx" target="_blank">http://www.windowsmoviemakers.net/PapaJohn/53/Converting-MPEG.aspx</a> <BR>Q. Why doesn't Movie Maker recognize my Sony MicroMV video camera? <BR>A. Sony MicroMV video cameras record and put out video in the MPEG-2 video format, which unfortunately cannot be captured in Movie Maker. <BR> <BR>To work around this issue, do one of the following <BR> <BR> Use the software that came with your Sony MicroMV video camera to capture video from the camera, and then import the resulting video file into Movie Maker. <BR> <BR> Connect your Sony MicroMV camera to your computer using an analog connection, such as an S-video cable or RCA cable, and then capture the video using Movie Maker.

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