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vega3 04-17-2007 5:01 AM

Hello my name is vero..i'm from france..of course i would like to have my own board..two weeks ago i tried the era one... quite good but i still hesitate (blur, era, syn, melissa...132 or 134...?)..my level is intermediary and i would like to have your opinion concerning boards which could be nice for me...(119.5 lbs and 5'38")..i have ever found my bindings (mellisa..what a comfort!!)..my goal is to go on and progress of course;thank you for your help!!! <BR>vero

criswb 04-17-2007 9:23 AM

Hey vero! <BR> <BR>Of those boards you have listed, the one I like the most is the Melissa. Ive tried the other 3 (era and syn are the same shape) and they're just way heavier than the melissa. The Melissa is a very nice ride, it is very loose on the water without fins (ive only tried it without fins) has really good pop, it doesnt feel like it just shoots you up out of control, and the landings are super soft. The Blur for me is just too fast, when they say you dont need to set an edge to really go fast on it, they mean it. not my style at all. The last time I tried the Era I just rode it for 5 mins cause it felt so heavy and wasnt as loose as I like the boards (even without fins) <BR> <BR>Hope this helps... If you go for the Melissa, the 134 would be a good size for you. And yeah, the melissas are really comfy!! <BR> <BR>(Message edited by criswb on April 17, 2007)

vega3 04-17-2007 11:22 PM

hey Cris!! <BR>thanks for your comments!!! <BR>I find the Era heavy too...it's difficult in paris to try boards as you can imagine but... i'm sure the melissa pack will be a good one...!!hope one day i could come with my boards riding in the states!!!

vega3 04-18-2007 1:29 AM

an other, i forget...is melissa a good board for boat....i have never tested cable only boat....or is it ok for both? <BR>thanks!!!

criswb 04-18-2007 9:32 AM

Its a great board for the boat and I'd guess it will work well at cable too... Ive never heard of a board that isnt good for cable, but then, I've only been to the cable once. I think that one would work good with sliders and that kind of stuff since Melissa is a great rail rider and she must have made her board good for that as well. <BR> <BR>Here in Ecuador is also hard to demo boards... <BR> <BR>If you're unsure of where to buy, give <a href="http://www.miamiskinautiques.com" target="_blank">www.miamiskinautiques.com</a> a try, they're great people and they ship worldwide. Very good at covering warranties and with customer service.

vega3 04-20-2007 2:26 AM

thanks again!!!! <BR>Vero

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