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kkong72 04-14-2007 6:07 AM

i just got a Sony alpha DSLR-A100K and im looking for lenses for it. Im looking for a lens that is great for getting action shots, like wakeboarding and football. also im looking for a lens thats great at sun set shots. <BR> <BR>well i hope you guys have some input. thanks

richd 04-14-2007 8:01 AM

Sunset shots don't require a special lens although a nice wideangle 24mm or smaller will give you the best field of view. <BR> <BR>For wakeboarding something in the 70-200 zoom range would be good. Football is usually shot with faster lens - available f2.8 aperture. For sports you want fast autofocus. <BR> <BR>As always the more $ you pay generally the better IQ/fast autofocus you get

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