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denverd1 04-10-2007 7:31 AM

thats about how useful the boards being produced by the "big 3" of wake really are. i guess I'm just venting a little. My board, a LF skimskate is proving to be quite difficult to ride. still getting the wave dialed, but IMO our last setup should have worked. <BR> <BR>I'm familiar with Shred Stixx, the loogy and blue lake people and a few other. What board can you guys recommend for getting the hang of it?

nickypoo 04-10-2007 8:50 AM

Man, I hated that Skim Skate. Sssssssslllloooooowwww. I bought the very first one right when it came out. Thank god the boys at the board shop were cool and let me return it. I bought it to replace my old (5'6" twin fin) Landlock, but I ended up back on the Landlock. I have since been through a Trick Boardz Surf Skate and a Phase 5 Icon. The P5 would be good if it was the Prop model. I got the Icon for a steal so I bought it. Too small for me though (6'0" 195). Now it's the wifes. This put me right back on the old Landlock. Fastest, most comfortable board I could find around here. I rode every "pop out" around and couldn't replace the Landlock. I just bought a Walzer that will hopefully be the ticket, but I have yet to ride it as I can't seem to get the planets to align. It seems that is what it's going to take to get out this year.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/sad.gif" border=0>

riverrunner 04-10-2007 9:51 AM

Nick, ridden several of the LF skim-skates and did not like any of them. The 5'-6" Landlock has been the all around board in our boat for sometime good for teaching or cruising. Until recently, I rode the Walker Composite-X 5.0, it is shorter, more responsive and lighter than the Landlock but, still great for cruising. Needless to say the Landlock has been sold.

nickypoo 04-10-2007 10:37 AM

I will continue to bring along the Landlock, as pretty much everyone in the crew will use it. I think I'll put the surf fins back on it though. I've been riding it with 1.1 A-wings on it for, hell 4-5 years now. I'm hoping that I won't have to ride it at all this year, and just use it for the Walleys. Hopefully the surf fins will give it some more drive to help the struglers. They should, but I honestly can't remember the last time I rode it with them on. <BR> <BR>What's funny is that just about everyone who comes out with us can surf without the rope all day long except for one guy, and his name is actually Wally.

smedman 04-10-2007 11:37 AM

We have a 5'11" Landlock and it has been a while since we used it. It just seemed way too slow and sluggish after being on the Inland Surfers and the Shred Stixx. The last time I rode it I was trying to do hang fives with moderate success... It is a good board to learn on that's for sure. Another alternative board that is not quite as expensive (as my favorites - IS and SS) is the HL Broadcast. My wife really likes that board - and I found it to ride somewhat similar to the IS Blue Lake, but a little bit slower (more rocker).

riverrunner 04-10-2007 11:50 AM

Yeah we also have a 4'-6" broadcast that is the newbie board for smaller folks. One girl that rides with us likes it better than any board that we have but, I prefer the Phase5 Oogle much faster. <BR> <BR>Matt...you going to me Stu and me at LBJ on the weekend of the 20th?

bigshow 04-10-2007 6:03 PM

The Blue Lake is a great board, fast, fun good for many different size riders. The Yellow is pretty darn good too! Iíd really like to try the 4 Skim. <BR> <BR>I rode a Shred Stixx Extreme last year. I taught a 6'6" 250 pound first timer on the Stixx board. I think the Stixx boards with three fins are more stable for first timers. If you want to loosen things up pull the center fin or start playing other games with the fins. <BR> <BR>I really like Trick Boardz, boards but Iím not sure thatís a first timerís board. However if you want a board that easily fits in you board racks and is easy on the budget might be a good option.

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