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ryand121 04-09-2007 9:16 PM

I blew the two 8" mids on one of the pods. I read that the Defcon's use Image Dynamics speakers, so I went to the Image Dynamic website to look for replacements, but I couldn't find anything close to what is in the pod now. I need a replacement quick, any help? Also, what brand of horn tweeter is in the pod, is it also an Image Dynamic product? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

clubmyke 04-10-2007 5:46 AM

ryan, <BR> <BR>the horns are selenium DT150's.. i have 3 of them for sale if you are interested... <BR> <BR>i also have 1 replacement driver's if you need it..call eric at id for repair.

ryand121 04-10-2007 8:48 PM

Caddywampas, thanks a lot for the info, but do you have a number where I can reach erik? Also, how much would you want for the horns, possibly two of them, and how much for the driver? thank you a lot

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