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tige_sucks 04-06-2007 4:32 PM

i am a wakeboarder and i was wanting to get into wakeskating and just need a lot of help with it.i am probly 5 5' and weigh about 110. i was thinking the CWB Base but i dont know anything about wakeskates. and also i see sizes like(example) 117 and then i see another say 42. how do i know which one to get. and again please help me find the right size to get. thanks

treycleaton 04-06-2007 8:52 PM

1" = 2.54 cm. Get between a 39" and 41" board. CWB would be a good "less expensive" starter board, cause you may not like it and quit. If you think you're gonna dig it then invest in a wood concave or comosite. ie integrity, sattelyte, oak, devotid, 2007 LF impulse, etc....

wakemitch 04-06-2007 10:09 PM

get a 39 or 40. LF makes a flat faction 40 for 99 bucks. most other flat decks are way too big. just to let you know, when you see 107 on a hype board, that is over 42 inches so 117 is about 46. stay away. <BR>but you should be good with a 40 faction. its cheap and will get you hooked on wakeskating. and you can always take off the foam top and grip it when you feel your ready.(you will want to later for sure) <BR>oh and always wear shoes. even if its a foam top. you have much better feel and control with shoes. just use any old pair of shoes, or you can get some spiffy new DVS mesh shoes. you will love it. <BR>have fun wakeskating

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