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brdn4life 04-04-2007 2:46 PM

I recently bought a pro flight tower that i plan on installing this weekend and was wondering if anyone has installed a tower themselves and could give me a few tips and pointers? Are there any special tricks, or anything i need to be aware of before starting? Thanks, I really appreciate it!!!

nauty 04-04-2007 2:55 PM

Measure 50 times before you drill, and drill in reverse!!!

mo_scrilla 04-04-2007 2:56 PM

Always drill in reverse through the gelcoat so it doesn't crack. And use masking tape.

super_air 04-04-2007 3:06 PM

Buy a roll of the 3" blue painting tape and tape the whole area of the deck that you might scratch from moving the tower on and off not just where you will be drilling. Line it up and stand back and look at it to make sure it is symetrical with the windshield frame. Drill pilot holes first and then move up in size. Also be sure that you won't run into any wires or cables on the underside and that all bolts will be accessible with nuts and washers. <BR> <BR>Happy drilling!

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