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cwfunrider 04-04-2007 9:32 AM

With some weight would a 1987 MC prostar 190 throw a decent wake?

otiswunguy 04-04-2007 6:11 PM

yes but not as good as a ski nautique 2001 from the same year. I used to have a 90 prostar. you have to put about 1000 lbs of ballast in it to get it big. That makes it a little sketchy if the water is rough.

jayc 04-05-2007 2:31 AM

I used to have an 87 prostar. The wake was ok but not great. I used to runa fat sofa in the rear (about 800lbs) and 200lbs in the bow plus several people. <BR> <BR>The wake was fine for my needs but the boat used to run real low in the water, was cramped and as I ride in the sea it wasn't ideal. <BR> <BR>That said it handled superbly unweighted, had a great slalom wake and was cheap to run.

alanp 04-05-2007 6:15 PM

dont even consider this boat. i owned an 88 i think(sorry dont remember i sold it very quickly). anyway i ran about 2500 lbs in the boat and the rub rails were just above the water line and the wake was still miserable. run, dont walk away from that boat

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